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The Wisdom of the Peace Village Elders:                                          The Peace Village                                            Midwifing Mayan Rebirth   


Produced by: Mutual Abundance Media

Here’s the challenge: Are we so hypnotized by our steady diet of media-fed horrors,  that we’ve despaired of ever achieving  the dream of a violence-free world?  Or are we ready for the shift from the war path to the peace path? Does anybody even know what peace looks like?

The WISDOM OF THE PEACE VILLAGE ELDERS documentary series provides a rare opportunity to witness Native Elders from North, Central, and South America, exploring how to walk the way of peace and sustainability in a world overrun with paths to war and environmental devastation. At the Peace Village, the indigenous Elders remind us that we are all co-creators of our agreed upon dream / reality. “Change the Dream!”  the Elders inspire, calling for us all to reconnect to the cycles of Nature, and to practice compassion-in-action in our daily lives.  Only together, moment to moment,  can we co-create & energize a future of peace and equanimity on the planet.

Mutual Abundance Media have decided to produce these documentaries as independent films, in order to guard the integrity and freedom of expression of the featured Native Elders. The documentary series is a sacred trust, for the Elders have entrusted us to deliver their message as good medicine for the planet now & for generations to come.