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Midwifing Mayan Rebirth

To have a rebirth, one must first have a near-death experience

Healing with medicinal plants was the work Elena Ixcot was doing when forced to flee Guatemala in the early eighties during a brutal civil war and genocide on the Mayan people. Elena, now a Mayan priestess, and her husband Felipe, courageously leave the safety of their status as U.S. refugees, to return to their home village in the highlands of Guatemala, and devote themselves fulltime to the healing of their community, still traumatized by thirty-six years of war.

Midwifing Mayan Rebirth champions these extraordinary Mayan Elders who partner with an indigenous Midwives Collective to found, build, and co-direct the ground-breaking midwifery and birthing Center ACAM, at Casa Maternal de Nacimiento. 

Day and night, pregnant women and sick members of the community come to consult with midwives. There is no such thing as office hours. Doctors at the public hospital are often on strike and the people turn to the midwives for many of their needs. Infant and maternal mortality is at the very heart of the Mayan crisis.  The vision and tireless work of Elders Elena & Felipe and the midwives of ACAM are transforming that crisis, birth after birth, by reclaiming the traditional herbal healing ways and birthing methods of the Mayans.

For decades Mayan traditional medicine and spirituality was outlawed. In much of the country human rights violations are still rampant. And court decisions against human rights abusers have been overturned. It is only as the result of brave women like Elena, and the midwives she and Felipe are training, that the traditional medicine ways and precious wisdom of the Mayans is being preserved and rejuvenated.  The ripple out effect is that growing numbers of indigenous people are again on the front lines working with quiet determination for human rights and positive social change.

Midwifing Mayan Rebirth celebrates the dynamic leadership of Elena and Felipe Ixcot, as catalysts for the emerging strength and resilient spirit of an indigenous people, laboring to overcome immense obstacles and birth new life into an ancient culture.