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The Wisdom of the Peace Village Elders:                                The Peace Village                                  Midwifing Mayan Rebirth   

The Peace Village

A living legacy of ancient wisdom to awaken today’s world.

This feature length documentary is a wake up call delivered by indigenous  Elders  from throughout the Americas about  the need for deep reflection and radical change in our relationship with the environment and each other.At the heart of The Peace Village story, are messages from the hearts of indigenous Elders to the heart of the Earth and her people.

Here’s the challenge: Are we so hypnotized by our steady diet of media-fed horrors and brutality,  that we’ve despaired of ever achieving  the dream of a violence-free world?  Or are we ready for the shift from the war path to the peace path? Does anybody even know what peace looks like?

Narrated by Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, who’s been teaching the profound spiritual practice of peacemaking for over 3 decades, the documentary provides a rare opportunity to witness Native Elders from North, Central, and South America, exploring how to walk the way of peace and sustainability in a world overrun with paths to war and environmental devastation.

At the 23rd and 24th Native American Elders Gatherings,  hosted by Founder Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Chief of the Green Mountain Ani Yun Wiwa (Cherokee), people of many nations return to the Sacred Arbor in the Peace Village, based on the traditional Cherokee peace villages of old.  There, Elders share ancient prophecies, along with the latest from quantum physics, making the links that illustrate how modern science is finally proving what mystics and medicine people have known and taught throughout the ages.

“We are in crisis,” says Algonquin Elder Mike Bastine.  And yet, with incredible humor & skill, he & each of the Elders, continue to clarify the urgent issues we all face, and to offer simple yet profoundly powerful tools for catalyzing positive change. The opportunity for enlightened transformation is upon us.

The Elders remind us that we are all co-creators of our agreed upon dream/ reality.  “Our view manifests as action”, explains Ven. Dhyani. “On the planet, withholding love can give rise to war.”  “Change the Dream!”  the Elders inspire, calling for us all to practice compassion-in-action in our daily lives, as only together, moment to moment,  can we co-create & energize a future of peace. Indigenous Elders and their ancient practices of caring for the Earth have never been so crucial.  “They know how to do this; they have lived in balance with nature for centuries;  and we as a species have to return to these practices to save our planet,” urges Senator Hinda Miller of Vermont.

We envision The Peace Village documentary as a compelling catalyst for ever-evolving spiritual and social transformation, providing a blueprint for: building sustainable communities; keeping the heart of the Elders’ wisdom ways alive; & passing the flame to the Youth, our Elders of tomorrow. The Elders of “The Peace Village” documentary aim to awaken each one, reigniting that wisdom flame within, inviting each one to remember – We are here to make a difference. May the film be a template, a pathway of  light to lead us toward ushering in a most Great Peace for the next 500 years, unto seven generations and beyond.