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The Elders of the Peace Village

Medicine people of many indigenous tribes throughout the Americas are working together in response to tribal prophecies handed down through the ages from one generation to the next.  These ancient prophecies foretold that now would be the time to share traditional medicine and spiritual ways with all peoples.

At the heart of our WISDOM OF THE PEACE VILLAGE ELDERS documentary series, are messages from the hearts of indigenous Elders to the heart of the Earth and her people.

For several of the featured Elders, this is the first time they have allowed themselves or their teachings to be filmed.  They do so due to the urgency of the times and their commitment to share prophecies and teachings with those who would normally have no access to the wisdom ways of their traditions.  Each Elder who has agreed to participate in this documentary is a role model of compassion-in-action, and a spiritual leader who truly walks their talk, through daily service work in the widespread communities in which they live. Their oral messages, spoken through interviews, storytelling, traditional songs or ceremony, will be interwoven with rarefied views of the Elders’ world up close and personal.

The documentaries enter into a whole new dimension when we visit each featured Elder back home in their own communities.  There, we witness the Elders as they live and breathe the traditional ways through dynamic action to benefit their families, clans and extended circles of community.  With piercing insight, great humor and loving kindness, Elders integrate the ancestral teachings into their everyday lives in very practical ways, through hands-on work with: pregnant mothers and infants, youth gangs, indigenous prison inmates, the homeless and the addicted, herbal medicine and healing, refugees, street children, and the spiritually starved from all cultures who now flock to them for sustenance during these times of great challenge and change.